Terms & Conditions

Find Muslim Spouse is a Muslim online matrimony service all around the world. You must agree to the terms and conditions and register as a “mulsimspouse.com” member to use the services provided by us. Users willing to register as members of this online matrimonial service must read through the different services provided by “findmuslimspouse.com”. Our Members shall be considered to have agreed and understood all the terms and conditions laid by the website. All the liabilities, privileges, and rights of findmuslimspouse.com and users with respect to any service or transaction will abide by this terms of service agreement. We may change or alter terms and conditions solely at our own discretion.


  • Age

Users must be at least eighteen years old to register for the service, by registering, users warrant that they are above the minimum required age as per the website policy.

  • Consent

We provide matrimony service solely to people that are willing to marry in a religiously permissible manner. Members of findmuslimspouse.com must admit their consent to marriage and acknowledge that they are not being forced. In case of any kind of misuse by users e.g harassment, flirt, dating, and plotting swindle “findmuslimspouse.com” reserves the right to ban the registered user, and confiscate the subscription fee.

  •  Criminal History

By use/registration request of matrimony service you warrant and acknowledge that you are neither a felony convict nor a government registered sex offender.

Site usage:

Being a registered user you agree to the points listed.

         1.Personal usage only

Users' accounts are exclusively for personal use. They are not authorized to let anyone use their personal account, users must not transfer or share their account information with any entity or user.

         2.Submitted information responsibility

Registered users of this matrimonial service are solely responsible for the information they submit to this service, including the content and information you are sharing.

         3.Precaution and Risk assumption

Users are held responsible solely for the underlying risks that are associated with interactions whether online or offline,users agree to take precautions while meeting the individuals through this matrimonial service.

         4.Violation Reporting

Users must immediately report violations of the terms of service agreement by other registered users to findmuslimspouse.com

         5.Removal of content

Any information shared by the users that are against the policy or spirit of this matrimonial service or either objected by a third person may be removed upon reviewal.

         6.Post restrictions

  • Users must not engage in posts that promote racism, induce harm against any individual or group.
  • Users must avoid posts intended to annoy harass or threaten other users or individuals
  • Users must abstain from making remarks towards other users that are intended to defame or offend.
  • Users must avoid posting content that includes copyrighted material(videos, images, audio, and text).
  • Users must avoid posts that intend to defraud or deceive other users
  • Users must avoid posts that are not related to the topic, and are meaningless.

         7.Incorrect information

Users must avoid providing information that is incorrect to any extent or information that is misleading. Users must inform in case of identification of incorrect information provided either to the service or other users.

        8.Commercial advertising or solicitation

Users will not use this site as an advertisement platform or for buying or selling of any products. Information obtained from the matrimonial service may not be used to make a contact or solicit users.